Fast & Vast Feminised Auto Sisters I keep track of nutrients and other information with a spreadsheet, as well as a keynote journal

Fast & Vast Feminised Auto Sisters

Fast & Vast Feminised Auto Sisters Nutrients spreadsheet

With Aeroponic systems this sort of tracking becomes important as the nutrient and solution changes are much more sudden than soil. My experience has evolved from soil back in the seventies, to Aeroponic systems with regular and now always Feminised strains, which I have come to really like with much success.

Some aspects about the Feminised Auto Flower strains are they don’t need the dark period to flower like the photoperiod strains which can be a good thing for eratic light schedules or light leaks into the grow area. Another aspect to consider, they won’t get quite as big since they have such a shorter total life span from seed to harvest, which can be a good thing for indoor grows in confined smaller spaces, however that comes with less plant structure to support bud sites, which means less product.

The main draw back, I would say (from experience) there is no room for human error in growing them since they don’t have the time to recover from any mistakes we might make. They will start the flower phase no matter what condition, size or vitality they are in. This is only my second grow with an Auto Flower strain I haven’t enough experience yet to offer my opinion of them.

One last thing I would think the quality and expertise of the seed bank is far more important with Feminised Auto Flower, since the genetics are altered not only with Feminizing but again with Auto Flower.