2016 Blueberry Grow Journal

2016 Blueberry

2016 Blueberry

The coveted Blueberry 80% Indica, 20% Sativa this is suppose to be top notch loaded with fruity blueberry aroma and taste!

This will be an effort to record a Journal with daily updates from seed to Harvest and on through the cure. I plan to main line two plants for 8 colas, it’s more challenging with the space constraints of the compartments.

This evaluation will be a first time for me without smoking the buds, just visual and scent. I will employ my Wine Steward tasting techniques for wine, and apply those methods to cannabis buds, it will be interesting at least….stay tuned! I’m not opposed to smoking by any means I’m just personally taking a break.

I actually think this will give me a better and more sensitive perspective for the quality, since my perceptions won’t be impaired and dulled by smoking cannabis or drinking alcohol, a great experiment wouldn’t you agree?