GG+4 Journal



This is a picture of GG+4 I found on Barney’s Website

the strain is suppose to have the highest THC content of all the strains available. 26-35%, I am starting 3 seeds at the suggestion of a friend. December 22, 2016 seems like a good date to start some seed. 12/23/16 Update Herbie’s quit taking cards and with the Christmas Mail deluge I thought I’d wait a couple days after Christmas to send cash in the mail to the UK……

The strain I’ll be growing is a feminized auto-flower which sounds very interesting to me especially in that it will flower regardless of the light schedule as long as there is a minimum of 18 light in 24 hours.

One more advantage to auto-flower is no worry about light leaks interfering with flowering. This strain is said to be harvest ready 2-1/2 months from seed. This for me is also an advantage because of my small size compartments.