Investors…. Welcoming like minded Investors for any part of this Cannabis legalization driven plan, and are encouraged to contact me, the potential could be huge, we are on the cusp of abolishing prohibition?

I have 4 going on 5 years experience growing with HPA and LED combined systems technology, With impressive quality harvests complete, including documented daily updated journals, pictures and notes from seed through harvest.

Keeping in mind my focus is designing and producing these Aeroponic Power Carts and Aeroponic Grow carts to sell to mostly private individuals wanting to grow their own Marijuana Medical and Recreational.

The point being enabling customers to grow Top Shelf Marijuana at home, or really anywhere. With these systems, there is no dirt, no mess, no clay pellets or any other bulky, costly growing medium. This means nothing to mess up the nicest home , condominium, RV or boat. So many more people want to control what they put in their bodies, especially where drugs are concerned.


I have initial quotes for the injection molded cart components for the Aeroponic Power Carts and the Aeroponic Grow Carts. Most design work is done for beginning patent description and design. I need capital for mold tooling.and materials, seeking a team leader and team members to step up on to this ground floor opportunity to bring this product to market, mainly through Amazon. These Aeroponic Power Carts and Grow Carts ship just like a card table.

Look at these systems for growing Cannabis, like Home Brew Kits are for making Beer. You might be surprised how many people make home brew beer, and lots of it is quite good. With the Micro-Brewery movement, this has enabled lots more people to make their own top shelf micro brews at home. I could go on and on!

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