3/22/16 update

I am going to run solution ph’d to 5.8-6.0 adding H2O2  through the system and drain it away, when I’m done recycling and running it through.  Even though after the last grow I sanitized the entire system, this will be a good preventive measure and see if there are any issues that show up, especially since I haven’t used the system since May 2015.  I’d like to deal with any issues before I am relying on the system to deliver nutrients for this new grow.

All done with that, re-pressurized the accumulator tank, running some mist cycles in compartments 2 & 3 as I write this. I won’t turn compartment #1 on until I see the seedlings emerge I don’t want to over soak the rock-wool. I am actually going to recycle the nutrient solution this grow as long as it doesn’t present too many challenges more than normal ph and ppm control. I’ve previously pumped drained excess solution to waste, biggest challenge will be keeping things from growing in it! That problem could be lessened by refrigerating the solution.