Still the tiny seedlings are just above grade, I’ll wait until this afternoon (2 pm will be 120 hours/5 days) or tomorrow to post a picture just keeping up this journal habit.

Update 12:30 pm  I think I see #3 I’ll check a little later and maybe post pictures of the new little seedlings. I have turned on the solution mist in the chamber set at: 1.5 sec on/7.5 min off just to be sure to keep the rock wool moist. Not that much mist gets through the holes in the net pot to the rock wool I don’t think there’s any danger of over saturation because that would be a problem.

I removed the plastic covers from the 2 seedlings that have risen, I thought I saw #3 but I guess not yet, I also turned off the mist the rockwool seemed wet enough….more news as it develops

Update 10:40 pm RH only 45% so I put the plastic covers back on to keep in a little humidity.