01/02/17 GG+4 grow update,

Happy New Year, with that out of the way………

With the GG+4 seed order sent off to the UK, I have a grow agenda developing which includes systems check, lighting, pumps, nutrients test equipment, batteries and all of that other stuff!

I’m going with Botanicare natural products for this GG+4 grow, with supplemental Tea! Just comparing to the man made designer HR products. now that I have 4 grows measured and documented with HR and some with Botanicare. I have a general nutrient use base.

Keeping in mind that the feminised seeds, these strains being pheno types, I’ve read they develop varying latent traits stimulated by the growing enviroment. Anyway the Nutrient components will be Botanicare organics for this GG+4 grow:

  • Pure Blend Pro-Grow 3-2-4
  • Pure Blend Pro Bloom 2-3-5
  • Pure Blend Tea
  • Botanicare Cal-Mag 2-0-0
  • Silica Blast
  • Liquid Karma (maybe)

all natuarally derived, I’m trying to get back to Nature with my HP Aeroponic , LED System! hehehe